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Space Simulator is a realistic space flight simulator for iPad/iPhone , Android devices ,and very soon Steam (PC/Mac/Linux) .. that allows you to explore the entire Solar System with its planets, moons and other major bodies , all with realistic physics in a dimensionally correct Solar System.

The game features the full Apollo Program and Space Shuttle program missions.

Launch from the Kennedy Space Center; enjoy the view from a parking orbit; travel to the Moon with a Trans-Lunar Injection; arrive with a Lunar Orbit Insertion; land on the Moon with the Lunar Module; lift off back into Lunar orbit; rendezvous with the CSM and return to Earth with reentry and splashdown. With Space Simulator you can relive every moment of the Apollo program from the comfort of your home, choosing to take as little or much manual control of the spacecraft as you wish.


Re-enact historical missions or create your own custom free-flight scenario on any of the major planets or their moons with a spacecraft of your choosing.


Space Simulator creates a coherent accurately sized Solar System running on real physics. Using a proprietary physics engine, Space Simulator runs complex double precision simulations for the very first time on mobile devices. The level of detail of simulation is unrivaled. All cockpits come with comprehensive Multi Functional Displays reporting on every aspect of your flight data. The Apollo modules comes with the Apollo Guidance Computer and DSKY running actual code from the 60’s. All terrain is modeled with NASA imagery/altitude data.

Land on the Moon; enjoy the magnificent views of Earth from orbit; plan a trip to a faraway planet; practise your favorite orbital maneuvers ­doing gravitational slingshots, Hohmann transfer orbits, rendezvous or dock with the ISS; perfect your Space Shuttle landings or go to the edge of space and back with the hypersonic X­15 Aircraft. The possibilities are endless and as unbounded as your wildest astronautic dreams.

Please visit our forum to keep up with the latest news and updates. We are listening to your feedback so please feel free to tell us what you think!


Available on the App Store, Google Play and Amazon.

Coming soon for PC, Mac and Linux.
Don't forget to check out our Steam page.

* Orbit Planner

In v1.0.3 we introduced a 3D visual orbital maneuvers planner that allows the player to plan and design interplanetary missions in the Solar System with intuitive analytical orbit paths.

In v1.0.6 we introduced an improved version of the orbit predictor which shows in real time the numerically computed orbital path showing the actual path of the spacecraft as influenced by 3rd bodies.

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