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* Welcome to Space Simulator

We are proud to share with you the final steps of the development of a realistic Space Simulator for iOS, Android tablets (and PC & MAC in the near future) with a number of new ground-breaking features, We expect this page will serve as a hub to the community that will help us to develop , test , debug ,and improve Space Simualator
A few of the features that we feel make SpaceSimulator stand out are:

Full size solar System:

You can travel and explore any object inside the entire solar system. Full scale. From Mercury to the Kuiper belt. Thanks to the N-body physics engine running on double precision , you can practice intrincate slingshots , and other exotic orbital maneuvres

You can enjoy controlling your spacecraft with the touchscreen enabled virtual cockpit. Carefully modeled ,almost every control , switch and knob is there for you to play with ! . Including a emulator of the  AGC Apollo  computer ,running actual code from the 60s

Carefully re-created historical missions

And much more.

Share with us the last steps on the development ,lets make SpaceSimulator an awesome simulator at the same time that a superb educational tool ! .

The development Team.

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