Space Simulator  1.0.8
Space Flight Simulator


Controlling your Space Craft in Space simulator can be achieved at a different levels of control and realism.
While you are able to control the spacecraft with the same controls and procedures as in the real thing, we understand that for most users some sort of help and optimization in controls are required.

Basically, you can control the behaviour / orbital changes of you spacecraft

  • By using the real controls, valves, knobs, etc..manually ,etc..
  • By using one of the several included autopilots
  • By using one of the buttons on the 'control window (i.e. pressing "PROGRADE" at the att control window.
  • By performing the burn,etc automatically on the orbit as speficied in the orbit visualizer.
  • Additionally you can run the program (indeed autopilots ) on the Apollo Guidance Computer directly.

    Besides the tremendous complexity of controlling and operating a SpaceCraft, most events /maneuvres can be broken down in two main categories

Engine Burn Events (firing the engine to change orbital velocities, planes, etc

  • Attitude Selection Events ( Orienting the Spacecrafts in a particular way to perform a burn, a radio transmission ,etc.

Burn Events

Burn events ,-namely firing the main engine - are performed with the sole objective to alter the orbital elements. By firing the engine , -generally on the same direction (or full opposite direction ) , we can increase ( decrease) the orbital velocity of the SpaceCraft. As such , the apsis/periapsos ( highest / lowest points in orbit ) will change. Most of the inherent difficulty of space travel lies on the correct determination of the required burn length , and time .For anything other than basic/trial-error play , you need to previsualize the intended orbital changes of your maneuver using the Orbit Predictor (also refered as Orbit visualizer ). Please refer to the orbit visualizer for a more in-depth description of its use. The important point here is that -once we have defined the propper length and timing of the engine burn , we need somehow to "pass" this information to actually perform the burn.

(In reality , Astronauts didnt perform those orbital computations . Instead , they were calculated on Earth , on -by then - state of the art computers.Later,the parameters of those engine burns were sent -both by voice and data - to the spacecrafts ,where they were noted down in the 'burn pad' and later entered into the Apollo Guidance Computer.

Of course ,you may select the level of realism required. Once you have computed the relevant orbital maneuver you can simply press "GO!" and the entire maneuver will be performed in an automated way.
Alternatively you can preefer do it the realistic way .You can select this on the options "Automated Engine Burns" on the realism tab on the configuration section. If so , then when selecting the desired orbital maneuver you should press "MARK" and then those values are stored on the "Burn Pad" -namely a notepad with the actual required engine burn parameters.