Space Simulator  1.0.8
Space Flight Simulator
Orbit Planner Introduction

The orbit planner is a powerful tool to plan, design, modify and launch orbits in a schematic view bypassing the need to use the internal cockpits. The orbit planner is designed for beginner and advanced users like, to represent complex orbital maneuvers in a more visually clear format.

Orbit Planner Panel To open the orbit planner panel, open the "ORBIT" window located at the top-left corner of the screen.


Once the orbit planner panel is open, you will see the analytic orbit paths of each planet in the scene. Zoom in and out to get a sense of your location in the Solar System. In this game all the planets orbit in the same plane, although in reality the Earth's orbit is about 23.4° off the ecliptic plane.


Orbit Reference The "ORB:Earth" button selects the reference of the orbit of your spacecraft. By tapping this button you can see the orbit of your spacecraft from the point of view of the Earth, Moon and Sun.


Modify Orbits

To modify your current orbit, select the "ORBIT" button.


Delta V Delta V refers to the change in velocity of your spacecraft. By increasing the Delta V of your spacecraft you will increase your orbital altitude on the opposite side of the orbit, ie, you can increase the radius of your orbit at the point opposition to where you apply thrust, ie, increase Delta V.


Likewise, by decreasing the Delta V you will reduce the orbital radius at the opposite point.


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