Space Simulator  1.0.9
space flight simulator
About Space Simulator

Space Simulator is an app originally devised for mobile phones. Development began early 2012. It was intended to be a 3D version of the classic "Moon Lander". During the development process the game kept increasing in complexity, eventually becoming one of the major simulators in the spaceflight simulation category.

  • It has nearly 2 millions lines of C#
  • It is around 800 Mb of code/data
  • It has taken 3+ years of development
  • It is currentlu available for iOS, Android and Amazon Kindle devices
  • It will be available for Win/Mac/Linux/PS3 shortly
  • It uses a custom made double precision physics library
  • It computes n-Body for all objects (not patched conics), thus making orbits realistically unstable
  • It has a numerical solver for orbits to pre-compute orbital slingshots, etc.
  • The menu/config/missions/game navigation GUI is made as a wrapper around a local HTTP server
  • The master mission scheduler is running on a custom-made C-ish interpreter