Space Simulator  1.0.9
space flight simulator
Control Windows

All controls in Space Simulator are inside one of the eight windows. Open any of these windows by tapping on the buttons along the top of the screen. Every window contains a group of relevant controls corresponding to the name of the window.


To open a window just click the top tabs. You can move the window around by dragging and dropping the window tab situated at the top left of the actual window frame.

If your device has a small screen, you can force the ORBIT window and/or the BROWSER Window to be fullscreen by turning on the Menu/Config/Graphics/ "Full Screen Mode" option.

  • In the Orbit Window Orbit window you can visualize, analyze, modify and predict your orbit

  • In the Camera Window Camera window you can select from internal, cockpit or external cameras and -if on a mobile device- to send a screenshot to facebook
  • In the Time Window Time Window you can modify the time advance/compression to accelerate the game
  • In the Rudder Window Rudder Window you can control the yaw of your spacecraft

  • In the Control window Controls Window you can control your spacecraft's engine, orientation and other actuations.

  • In the Window MFD (Multi-Function Displays) Display/MFD window you can use a MFD (Multi Function Display) to gain a vast array of information and data about your current position, status, orbit, etc.

  • In the Window Menu Window Menu (Browser) you can navigate through all the game options and settings such as selecting a mission, create custom scenarios, configuring Space Simulator, etc.
  • Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) ApolloGuidanceComputer AGC
  • In the ApolloDisplayConsole there is an overview of the flight control panel switches