Space Simulator  1.0.9
space flight simulator


Checklists are human-readable text files that serves both as a source for showing in the checklist window ,and some minor logic control. It is based on a pseudo-assembly language designed specifically for this application in Space Simulator. (i.e. It won't make any sense to use as a tool to learn programming , as it will never have any application outside this sim ).If you want to learn or practive programming you can use the Mission Controllers (or autopilots) which are written in Industry Standard LUA.
OK , as you have probbably seen by now , checklists are shown in a window pretending to look like the old papar-based checlists. The script is a mix of human-readable text , sprinkled with some keywords .starting with . -anything which is not starting with '@' will be treated -and shown - as plan text.

  • [] will load [] checklist , and set it as a active checklis
  • [message ] will radio from mission control (voice & popup ) [message]
  • [] will execute [] , without revealing on the current checklist
  • will prevent further execution of the checklist until all previous events & checks have been met.
  • ] includes the text from [] checklist into current checklist.
  • ,[program_Number] expect/request autopilot/agc program [program_number] is run.
  • ,[control_name],[desiredposition],[Desired_INTEGER_Value] expect,request or sets the control _control_name to Desired_INTEGER VALUE
  • ( just legacy , won't work , but won't break it either
  • ,[text] . Shows [text] in checklist. In reality , it is not required as checklists will show any non-tagged text.
  • ,[variable][operator][value] , Pauses progression of the Checklist UNTIL the variable/operator/value is met

Conditional Variables

  • altitude : SpaceCraft's Altitude in Kilometers
  • longitude : SpaceCraft's Longitude in Degrees
  • latitude : SpaceCraft's Latitude in Degrees
  • velocity : SpaceCraft's 'orbital' Velocity in meters/Second.
  • fuel : SpaceCraft's current fuel in percentage over 100 .i.e. 23% = 23.0
  • stage : SpaceCraft's current stage number
  • autopilot : SpaceCraft's current autopilot


Functions can be defined and called from any point in the check list.

Note that those values are readonly . If your missin needs (and it shoudnt ) to modify any of those values, then you need to code it on the MissionController side , via a LUA or a C# script.


  • > Greater than
  • < Lesser than
  • == Equal
  • != Not Equal

The interpreted-checklists feature is half baked to say the least. Expect the occasional bug. If you need any particular addon/feature , please don't hesitate to ask