Space Simulator  1.0.9
space flight simulator


For expandability purposes , Space Simulator runs in a custom linuxesque virtualized operating system. As such , it has its own filesystem, batch file processor , some basic utilities, a hurried vi-like text editor and a few other goodies, intented to enable the experienced user to customize the simulator.

[add in deep explanation of processes ,i-nodes, solvers ,lua/C# interpreter ,etc ]

Command Quick Reference

  • cls / clear : Clears the TTY console
  • ls : list all file/folders in the current path
  • pwd : shows the current path
  • cd [ folder ] : moves the current path to the specified folder
  • cd .. : moves the current path one folder up
  • ps : shows process list
  • kill [processID] : Kills/terminates the specified process. USE WITH CAUTION , or It ll crash the sim.
  • lookat [number ] : In interior cockpit camera, looks at the specified number
  • run [ luaSource] : Loads and interprets as LUA the specified file
  • vi [ file ] : Very basic text editor .
  • ver : Shows version of most code components
  • push : Developers only . Pushes /commits current changes to repository
  • pull : Devs only: Pulls the latest into local file system
  • sync : Updates getting the latest, not breaking things
  • comp : Git-Compares current and master.
  • mail : Developers only : Broadcast message to other Space Sim users