Space Simulator for iPad, iPhone & Android 

We are proud to present the first realistic Space Simulator for iOS, Android tablets (and PC & MAC in the near future) with a number of new ground-breaking features, differentiating it from any other app/program already on the market or in the future. Don't forget to visit our screenshots section for the latest un-retouched actual device screen images! (Screenshots taken from a live-running iPad2, Avg=30Hz)


1 Entire - full size/correct scale - Solar system  

While other space simulator apps are limited to a few minutes of landing the shuttle or let you fly bitmapped spacecrafts in a 2D universe with unrealistic  physics, we present you with a Space Simulator with full functional solar system 1 to 1 scale, from Mercury to Makemake, all the planets, moons, an assortment of major asteroid objects, plus several hidden Kuiper belt planets for you to discover, and even a distant trip to the mysterious Sedna. You'll be able to explore the outer planets, find new gravitational slingshots to cut travel time, or plan realistic fueled automated missions to Jupiter's moons. All this with realistic speeds, distances and fuel constrains.



You can take control of any spaceship from the Shuttle, Apollo project missions, to the failed N1 Russian project, to futuristic ships that enable access to outer planets, practice re-entries, plan best fuel and staging strategies, even develop and test programs for automated deep space probes. Of course, you can also practice landings of the space shuttle.

All orbits are computed using the very latest astronomical models such as VSOP87 that predicts the planets' actual positions of up to a 10 meter-range precision or -in the case of PlayStation 3- down to sub-meter precision!


Complete touchscreen friendly 3D Virtual Cockpit 

Every spaceship in Space Simulator has now its own 3D full functional virtual cockpit. Pan around the cockpit, gaze through the windows and use all controls in their original position for a total, full immersive spaceflight experience.



Huge assortment of Spacecrafts

From the STS Shuttle, the historic Apollo program spacecrafts, the Soviet Space pioneers to futuristic vessels that can take you to the very edge of the Solar System. All reproduced in astonishing detail with the correct physics, aerodynamics, stages, engines and inertia tensors.



New Procedural Planet Rendering

We have developed a new exclusive way of rendering planets. Thanks to our patented Infinitely Recursive Planet Rendering system, you will get almost unlimited level of roundness of the planet. We can create planets so realistic that it even models the non-sphericity of the Earth or the mass-cons of the Moon. The custom made texturing system enables it to render textures up to a 1 meter resolution on the relevant areas, with on-the-fly compressed/decompressed textures for a seamless transition, from a bright point in the sky to a 2 meter crater in the Apollo landing sites.



On Board Computer emulators

To assist you with the somehow complicated historical missions, Space-Simulator includes a full-featured software emulation of the hardware of the original Apollo Guidance Computer, running the actual unmodified software from 1966 that took the astronauts to the moon, complete with DSKY panel, abort programs and all the sets of commands! An outstanding programming achievement that cost over 150 Million $ now included in your space simulator for you to play and experiment with. If you prefer the more modern Shuttle , we have also emulated all the main modes, all the avionics ,even to the radio nav levels! .



3D Interactive Orbit Computer and Solver



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